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Galicia, because of its geographical situation and clime is different from the rest of Spain. Its particularity is that the origin of Galicia is Celtic, like their traditions, dances and music that are still alive, show us.

The Carnivals in February or March, like this year in Ponte Caldelas, is a must to do stop in our way to the rivers. We can’t forget the legends of Galicia, and of course the famous Camino de Santiago.

A very rainy and warm clime made us possible to go down the granite ramps, to try for first time the creek in rivers like Ulla, Verdugo and Almofrey. We can also run the Deza, a great volume river.
Difficulty for everybody, since that one that has little experience in the rivers near his house grade III and good roll in, until that one that wants to run the Castro Lavoreiro, in Portugal.
All this accompanied with good, traditional and healthy food.
An amazing landscape, the rivers are surrounded by forests of oaks and eucalyptus in which nowadays the wolf still live there. Galicia and Portugal are also a great destination that is close to us.
We make it easy!!! We provide you the information and if you want we prepare the trip for you; the guide, material, vehicles… and we pick you up in Santiago de Compostela if you want.
Don’t forget, Galicia is a good place for kayaking in winter, warm clime and water.

Once upon a time in Galicia and Portugal.
What a sunny days!!!
It is the third consecutive year and these ones; we had made it, sunny days, hot temperature and enough water in the rivers.
We start with Deza, a classic one, and a good river to know each other’s.  Plenty of water, ideal for feeling the power of it. We let the classic part of Deza for the second day in which we run both parts.

In the afternoon, in Silleda, we relax with a good lunch, recovering power for next day river; Ulla.
The Torrenteiras and its jumps. A good memory of the competition. Lots of water.

We continue with the Almofrey and a part of the Verdugo.
Like it hasn’t rain in more than five days and the temperature is high, the rivers are losing water very fast, so we decided to take the way to Portugal, after visiting Santiago de Compostela and eat some tapas and octopuses.

We checked the rivers of Mouro, and Vez but we didn’t know exactly how much water was going down. We knew that the Castro Lavoreiro was with lots of water. Too much for our team, so we decided to move to Paiva, in Portugal. It was a great success.
In this river we found volume, granite ramps, amazing landscape and good friends, Pedro and Alejandro.
Galicia and Portugal don’t disappoint you, there are rivers for everybody, grades III-IV and whatever you want. Volume or creek, big waves and good ramps. Happy in Galicia 2014.
The team;
Oscar the flyer, Frigo Pie, Samu, The Madalene and me

I let you with this video that Samu has done, enjoy it.
This year, our friends Eva, Sredy and Ramon couldn`t come, it has been a pity due to we had nice weather and enough water. 
Good line.

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